MartyG Gets 10 Years From Clinton- and Harvard-Connected Judge

Money triangle: The Clintons, Justina’s tormentors, and the “Honorable” Nathaniel M. Gorton


Hi everyone, MartyG here and I just got sentenced to over 10 years for helping to save then-15-year-old Justina Pelletier from this:



Now, if that seems curiously unjust, then it might make more sense given that the federal judge who tried and sentenced me without letting me tell my jury that they could find me not guilty based on the age-old legal principle of the defense of others (and who indeed pretty much told them the exact opposite) is The “Honorable” Nathaniel M. Gorton, of the Gorton’s Fisheman Gortons, and he and his family appear to be aligned - financially and otherwise - with both Justina’s tormentors and The Clinton Global Initiative. Additionally, Judge Gorton made me represent myself at sentencing over my vigorous objection after I sued my previous court-appointed attorney, David Grimaldi, for malpractice for refusing to investigate and raise these conflicts of interest out of an apparent fear of possible reprisal.

I guess that’s “justice” in America nowadays: Save a girl’s life from the corrupt and then watch the corrupt and their cronies descend upon you for it.

I encourage everyone to peruse the full list of this judicial funny business because knowledge is power. It starts with an 86-page affidavit and continues with over 600 pages of supporting documentation and exhibits, all available here at Quite frankly - it’s scandalous.

Spoiler alert: Some of the highlights (or perhaps in this instance it would be more fitting to coin the term “lowlights”) include financial and organizational relationships shared between Judge Gorton, the first witness for the government, and one of the jurors in my case, a 3-way money triangle comprised of The Clinton Global Initiative, Judge Gorton’s family seafood business(es), and some of the Harvard doctors who were allegedly affected by my efforts to save Justina’s life (and who Judge Gorton refused to let me question regarding those connections) as well as donations from Judge Gorton's family business to Justina's tormentors, funding from Justina's tormentors to a "corporation" of which Judge Gorton was a member, and apparent efforts by the U.S. Marshals Service to intimidate my wife Dana away from producing articles like this one. 

Before I delve any deeper though, first please let me go over some background for those who may be new to this saga. Here’s a quick primer from RT News (the largest television outlet we could get to cover the story honestly):



Also, people who are familiar with Justina’s story and mine are likely aware that she and her family have sued Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). That suit claims that hospital staff used Justina for medical experiments and research, that they ripped her toenails by dragging her feet on the floor, denied her and her mom a Mother’s Day visit, hid her birthday presents from her, and effectively left her in solitary confinement, among other things.

Here is Justina describing her experience on the day she got out to Beau Berman, the award-winning reporter who provided continuing coverage of her case for Fox Connecticut:


Now, BCH is Harvard Medical School’s primary pediatric research and teaching facility and, again, Judge Gorton is a beneficiary of the old-money Gorton’s seafood fortune. Further, the jury in my case, which included a registered nurse from an area hospital who was familiar with day-to-day hospital operations, declined to find that anything I did in the non-violent defense on Justina’s life even potentially impacted the care of any patients at BCH or elsewhere:

 verdict form pg 1

verdict form pg 2


Yet little things like facts, common sense, and the jury's actual finding did not dissuade dishonest DOJ prosecutor/scumbag David D’Addio from continuing to claim that an internet outage - an event known to happen to just about any organization and which in all likelihood had happened before to be BCH - somehow not only impacted patient care despite the testimony of many government witnesses to the contrary, but that it had supposedly “put children’s lives at risk.” Nor did the actual facts stop AP reporter Alanna Durkin Richer and Reuters reporter Nate Raymond from quoting D’Addio nearly verbatim without even mentioning that I vigorously rebutted this contention and that I cited the jury’s finding while doing so.

For the record, the federal laws which require healthcare organizations like BCH to be able to sustain inevitable contingencies like internet outages are available here and here, the corresponding standard enforced by BCH’s accreditor should be available here, but one would have to pay at least $326 to view it, and sworn court documents reveal that much of BCH's outage was self-inflicted because its staff actually shut down and/or disconnected many of their own systems. 

Moreover, in contrast to D'Addio's unproven and frivolous claim, it’s clear beyond any and all reasonable doubt that Justina was in fact in mortal danger and complete agony.

Also for the record, both AP and Reuters have failed to correct their coverage. So, we’re now seeking attorneys to file lawsuits both in the U.S. and anywhere abroad where claims could be pursued against AP and Reuters. I pledge to donate my share of any resulting proceeds to local charities which fight child abuse. If you or a firm you know might be interested, please contact us on social media and we’ll send you documents indicating that AP and Reuters each knew better at the times they published these misleading articles of theirs, that AP in particular likely acted with malice aforethought, and that international standing exists for my claim.

Now, with that introduction in mind, let’s continue peeling this onion by examining a seafood industry trade group which seems to be at the center of the Clinton-Gorton-Harvard money triangle. It’s called “The Seafood Nutrition Partnership,” or “SNP” as the group often refers to itself. And in particular, let’s look at SNP’s 2015 annual report, which we’ve archived here at because pesky documents which seem to implicate federal judges in financial shenanigans seem to have an uncanny tendency to disappear when the jig is nearly up:


SNP pic 1.0 cover page


Since I’m sure few of my readers would allow themselves to be taken in by an industry trade group’s self-proclaimed altruism, I’ll let SNP introduce itself using page 1 of its 2015 annual report while I call attention to a few specific areas of interest:


SNP pic 2


As you can see, one of the founding members of SNP’s board from 2013 is the president and CEO of Gorton’s and another was Dr. Allan Walker, who was credited as a chief professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. Now, Dr. Walker is also credited until 2001 as Chief of the Combined Program in Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition of Boston Children's Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children.

Further, although Judge Gorton and his family continue to own and operate a seafood enterprise that is part of SNP called "Slade Gorton & Co., Inc.," what, if any, interest the Gorton family maintains in the separate “Gorton’s” brand is unknown to us at this point. The record reflects that Judge Gorton’s family sold the brand to a Japanese conglomerate called Nippon Suisan Kaisha in 2001, and it’s not known if any members of the Gorton family maintained any shares of the "Gorton’s" brand and/or if any of them received any reciprocal equity in the new parent company as part of the deal. Moreover, Judge Gorton refused to provide any information whatsoever when I asked even though he should do so according to the the American Bar Association’s Model Canon of Ethics for Judges.

Now, skipping ahead to page 5 of SNP’s 2015 report, we find this gem from September 2014: “As a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action, SNP, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Roxbury Tenants of Harvard formally pledge to pilot four Eating Heart Healthy Programs.”

SNP pic 3


At this juncture, let me point out that Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) is also a teaching and research facility for Harvard Medical School and that its cardiology - or heart - department has some special connections, not just to the seafood industry and to Judge Gorton's business(es), but to both BCH and to my case as well.

For example, we archived this page on BWH’s website, which says that members of the BWH cardiology department work in close collaboration with their counterparts at BCH. Now, BCH stopped Justina’s heart medicine, leaving her tachycardic, according to the PBS interview above with Justina’s father.

Additionally, Harvard Medical School professor and BWH Senior Cardiologist Dr. Marc Pfeffer, is married to the federal magistrate judge who issued the search warrant for my home, namely The “Honorable” Marianne B. Bowler. Further, according to Bowler’s CV, she once worked as a research assistant at Harvard Medical School and she is still a member of the Visiting Committee on Neuroscience at Harvard Medical’s largest overall teaching facility, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

Maybe all this helps explain why Judge Bowler issued the search warrant for my home on September 29th, 2014, even though the first page of the application for that warrant was dated the following day. Maybe it also helps explain why she didn’t recuse herself even though paragraph 8 of that warrant application specifically alleged a disruption to the network on which BCH "and other Harvard University-affiliated hospitals communicate," which would obviously include her husband's employer BWH - as anyone with as much experience with Harvard affiliated medical institutions as Judge Bowler should certainly be expected to know.

Finally, maybe all this additionally helps explains why, when I was challenging Judge Bowler’s issuance of the warrant for my home for the reasons indicated above, Judge Gorton wouldn’t let me call Judge Bowler’s husband to the witness stand to question him regarding my alleged impact on his activities at BWH nor on Judge Bowler’s knowledge of those activities as of September 2014, i.e. the same month that his cardiology department at BWH apparently announced that it was going to conduct industry research to benefit Judge Gorton’s business(es).

Or, perhaps Judge Gorton wasn’t worried even the slightest bit about the potential scandal(s) that could have engulfed both him and Judge Bowler if Dr. Pfeffer had revealed that neither judge should have allowed themselves to sit on my case. Instead, what if Judge Gorton never deserved to be a judge in the first place and what if he only made it into Columbia Law School as a legacy admission from a rich family, then only made it onto the bench as a political quid pro quo arranged by his older brother, the U.S. senator, in order to put a pro-DOJ pro-deep-state rubber-stamp there for life, where he could be used by prosecutors to basically extort thousands of guilty pleas and where he would always get by thanks to his clerks doing everything for him without ever mentioning that their emperor is wearing no clothes and by reading from the scripts they prepare for him like Ron Burgundy from a teleprompter while never granting a suppression motion no matter how egregious the police misconduct, never granting bail [detention order in diccico case] no matter how weak the prosecutors case, never recusing himself no matter how glaring the conflict(s) of interest and never dismissing an indictment no matter how questionable the charges nor how clearly The Speedy Trial Act had been violated - even when there’s a crippled girl in a wheelchair talking about how she was tortured and thanking the defendant for standing up for her?

In either case, federal law 28 U.S.C. § 455(a) explicitly requires that "Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself [or herself] in any proceeding in which his [or her] impartiality might reasonably be questioned."

Bearing this law as well as the ADA's requirement for disclosure in mind, let's move on to page 9 of SNP's 2015 report, where we find each of the following listed as national partners: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Gorton’s, Roxbury Tenants of Harvard, and Slade Gorton. We also see the “Heart Healthy” theme reinforced with the heart shape in the lower right corner of the page.

SNP pic 4


Finally, moving to page 18, under “Thank You to Our Donors,” we see each of the following listed: Gorton’s (Visionary Partners $500,000+), Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Roxbury Tenants of Harvard (Eating Heart Healthy Donors & Partners), Slade Gorton (Annual Donors - Mobilizers $10,000+), and "Mr[.] & Mrs Gorton" (Individual Support).


 SNP pic 5


Yet, despite all this, Judge Gorton failed to disclose his own financial and other connections to Harvard Medical School, BWH, and SNP pursuant to the American Bar Association’s Model Canon for Ethics and instead he ruled that it was alright for Magistrate Judge Bowler to issue the search warrant for my home the day before the date on the front page of the government’s application for that warrant and to deny me bail despite her own connections to Harvard Medical School and BWH.

And the appearances of impropriety only get worse from there.

As mentioned above, Judge Gorton and his family own and control Slade Gorton & Company, Inc., which appears to be named after one of Judge Gorton’s male ancestors. Indeed, the company’s website and the biography of his brother Slade Gorton III list his other brother Michael Gorton Sr. as the chairman of the company and his niece (a Harvard grad) Kimberly Gorton as its president and CEO while Judge Gorton’s own financial disclosure reports from at least 2003 (the earliest we have) through 2016 (the latest we have) continually list him as either a “Shareholder, Clerk/Secretary and Director” or a “Stockholder, Clerk/Secretary and Director” of Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. or its wholly-owning trust or holding company of the day.

Now, Justina first arrived at BCH in early 2013 (on February 10th) and she remained there against her and her family’s wishes for the rest of that calendar year. So imagine our surprise to find Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. on this page of BCH's 2013 list of donors given that Judge Gorton disclosed nothing:


SNP pic 6


And here’s a similar page from BCH’s 2015 donor list, also naming Slade Gorton & Co., Inc.:

 SNP pic 7


Traveling further down the rabbit hole still, we note that Judge Gorton’s financial disclosures list him as a “Member of the Corporation” of The Home For Little Wanderers (HLW) from 2003 through 2012 and that the annual reports of that organization for its 2003 and 2004 fiscal years each list Judge Gorton as a member of the HLW’s board of advisors and his brother Michael Gorton as a member of its board of directors. Financial donations from Slade Gorton & Company, Inc., Judge Gorton and his wife, and Michael Gorton and his wife are also listed in each of those reports and such donations have continued with relative consistency across subsequent years.

Now, check out this “Program Highlights” from the HLW’s 2003 report: “Safe-at-Home added Children’s Hospital to its roster of hospital partners that include Boston Medical Center, Carney Hospital, and Cambridge City Hospital. Over the past year, the Safe-at-Home program has helped to “divert” a total of 67 children from psychiatric inpatient stay by working intensively with families in their homes...”


SNP pic 8


Thus, by the sound of it at least, Justina and her family very well could have been candidates for HLW’s “Safe-at-Home” partnership, which BCH joined while Judge Gorton and his brother were  listed as board members at the HLW and which appears to continue to this day. Moreover, the Gorton family's financial interest in the HLW and its partnership(s) with BCH also continues to this day. For instance, check out the “Executive Team” page of the Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. website where we see Michael Gorton Sr.’s relationship to the HLW touted right next to “Download Our Catalog” and “Email: Sales…”

 SNP pic 9


Additionally, BCH gave the HLW $50,000 months before my arrest. Indeed, the HLW also named BCH one of its “Top Corporate and Foundation Supporters” during the time when prosecutors were working to bring my case to Judge Bowler and Judge Gorton.

And to be sure, there are more relevant financial donations and partnerships detailed in the documents available at

For instance, it's not just my case. You see, despite all these ties to the HLW, including the one found above on his company's website, Judge Gorton also didn't disclose any information nor disqualify himself from presiding over another case where a former employee sued the HLW directly

Thus, the above is just the sampling which I could fit into a long but brisk article today. 

However, there's one more series of connections which I need to delineate for the legal beagles out there and perhaps it’s the most scandalous of all.

You see, the very first witness for the government in my case was Mr. Patrick Keaton, who now works directly for The Wayside Youth and Family Support Network. In turn, Wayside appears to be one of BCH’s partners.

Now, when it seemed Justina became too hot a potato for BCH to handle itself in early 2014, Wayside continued to hold her against both her and her family’s wishes and continued to “treat” her according to BCH’s instructions.

Moreover, to help keep things in moral perspective, here’s a video of Justina’s older sister Jennifer outside of Wayside after her family called the police and reported that a Wayside staff member had ripped open Justina’s shower curtain while she was trying to bathe and screamed at her:



Now, at the time of the events in Mr. Keaton’s testimony, he worked for a company called KDSA, which Wayside had hired for tech support. And after Mr. Keaton took the stand, a juror who had identified herself as an accountant earlier came forward to say that she recognized KDSA from her time working for The Home For Little Wanderers from 2006 through 2014. That’s right: It turns out I had an accountant who had worked for the HLW on my jury and that KDSA had also performed similar IT work for the HLW.

Tellingly, even though this juror wasn’t familiar with our judicial system (she was born in China), she hadn’t been to law school, and English wasn’t her first language, she nonetheless knew to come forward to reveal her connection through the HLW to KDSA and she explicitly used the word “mistrial” when she did so.

In comparison, Judge Gorton – who had been on the bench for nearly 30 years - still disclosed nothing. He didn’t recuse himself. Nor did he excuse this juror for cause after she literally used the word “mistrial” and we asked him to do so.

Further, there was a lot to disclose. Tax records from the HLW reveal that it paid KDSA roughly $1.3 million just during 2011 and 2012 - both while this self-identified accountant and juror worked for the HLW and while Judge Gorton was a “Member of the Corporation.” Additionally, records reveal that KDSA joined BCH in donating tens of thousands of dollars to the HLW while Judge Gorton and this juror were both there. And we also found financial donations from this juror's then-current employer to the HLW as well.

So, how much money did this juror process changing hands between BCH, Judge Gorton, his family, KDSA, etc.? I'm not allowed to ask her without Judge Gorton's prior approval and he won't even let me have my discovery materials. 

It may also be worth noting that neither Wayside nor the HLW are particularly large organizations. But yet my “randomly selected” jury included a former patient from Wayside who gave it a positive review and an accountant formerly from the HLW. What are the odds?

Let’s just say that in Judge Gorton’s courtroom I’d wager they're higher than they should be given all of the above.

Perhaps tellingly as well, The U.S. Court of Appeals for The First Circuit wouldn’t even address the particulars of this massive filing when I put it before them. Instead it seems that they just rubber-stamped it “denied.” Nor did Alanna Durkin Richer from the Associated Press nor Nate Raymond from Reuters report on any of this even though it was all on the public docket and we had actually emailed it to Nate Raymond days ahead of time. Again, I guess that’s “justice” in America nowadays: Save a girl’s life from the corrupt and then watch the corrupt and their cronies descend upon you for it.

AP and Reuters did not immedeatly respond to a request for comment. 

Marty Gottesfeld is an Obama-era political prisoner. You can donate to his defense fund at