Ways to help #FreeMartyG


This is Marty's wife, Dana. I'm putting together a list of things I would appreciate help with for the #FreeMartyG campaign. I have been spread thin for a long time now and people won't know unless you ask for help. Some of these things are things I can't do myself (such as website work and practicing law) and many others are things I've done myself and can train and advise you on. I am hoping that people will let me know if they are interested in owning a piece of the below. I would like to hand over the reins and for us to develop a close working relationship. We can pay for a lawyer, and the rest is volunteer-based. If you are interested, please reach out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can have introduce ourselves and talk in more detail. The type of person I'd like to work with is someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and preferably has some experience. And wants to see Marty and the causes we're fighting for succeed. 


Things I'd like to ask for help with are:



I send Marty hundreds of dollars for comissary a month. Jail is quite expensive and there's rarely enough donations coming in to cover it.  Looking for someone to take the lead on raising money with methods of his or her choosing. I can share what I know. Someone with experience would be great, but this is also one that can be done without experience. Will get access to social media accounts.


*Social Media*

We're looking for someone to make our social media accounts more active and interactive. We have accounts on the platforms Facebook, Twitter, and IG currently (with account activity in that order).  There's a lot of flexibility for how we structure this role. We would tailor the role for what the person wants to do. This person could pick the platform(s) and category of content they want to post about. Some examples of categories we post about include (but are not limited to): DCF, children taken from their parents, politics, Justina, Marty, troubled teen industry, humor, government misconduct, figures like Assange and Aaron Swartz.  So for example, this person might choose to post on Twitter and Instagram about DCF.  This is an area I can advise on.  This would be good for someone who enjoys posting on social media and commenting.



We are looking for someone to help us mobilize people. We are looking for someone to wrangle, or coordinate, people online and in real life. One person can do both, or it can be split between multiple people. There may be times when we need to gather people in person for a protest. Or mobilize people to sign a petition or boost an online campaign. Inbetween events this person would be maintain relationships and keep people warm. This would be a good fit for someone who is respected in their respective online communit(ies), who is sociable, self-directed, and can work well with others. Will have access to social media accounts and hopefully will work with people in other areas, like fundraising and social media.



Looking for someone with experience and familiarity with Joomla. Would like to upgrade the version as well make changes to the look of the site.



Marty writes a lot from jail, and shares a number of updates, but most of it has not been making it to the public eye because it has been getting shared. Looking for someone to receive emails from me with his written work and to publish them on the FreeMartyG website. This person does not need to be familiar with Joomla and can be trained. This would be a good fit for someone who is good at following directions.


*Researcher (finding requested links)*

Marty writes articles and other content from jail. His work will sometimes call for hyperlinks or art. Looking for someone who likes to search for things on the internet. Will share research tips and advise on where things can be found.


*Researcher (finding journalists)*

We have a big story we want to pitch to the media. We'd like to pitch it to someone like a producer or investigative journalist. Looking for somone to help us identify journalists and contact information (not actually pitch.) Can advise on methods. Good fit for someone who enjoys searching for things on the internet.



We have a big story to break that involves a statistical analysis. We have the raw data. We are looking for a statistician or data scientist to review the data and write a declaration or affidavit about their findings.  It would be extra great if this person could help us show the data visually and had experience making things understandable for journalists.


*Line editor (comparing two documents for any mistakes)*

Sometimes Marty's writing gets typed up. Or it's shared in parts. Looking for someone to compare the typed final version with the original for any errors.


*Pitching to media*

Looking for someone to pitch a story to the media.  Will familiarize you with the pitch. This person should be comfortable talking on the phone and would be a good fit for someone with experience.


*Lawyer (any type)*

If you are a lawyer, please contact us for the details.


*Researching lawyers (Civil)*

Marty has a civil case against the Bureau of Prisons. Marty would like representation from a civil lawyer licensed to practice in Indiana. Looking for someone to research firms and lawyers (so that we can contact them.)


*Video editor*

We publish videos from time to time. Looking for someone who can spruce up raw footage or teach me some video editing skills.