Martin Gottesfeld: “My Harvard-affiliated prosecutors cowered in shame before pictures of girl Harvard paralyzed/tortured”

My question as to whether or not Adam Bookbinder and David D’Addio have any shame seems to have been answered. These are the federal prosecutors who let $2-billion Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital torture and paralyze Justina Pelletier.

While I was on my way into a hearing facing allegations I defended Justina Pelletier’s life at the financial expense of the place that put her in a wheelchair, my lovely and very brave wife Dana was in the courtroom with a pair of enlarged pictures of Pelletier both before and after her medical kidnapping by Boston Children’s Hospital.  As the U.S. Marshal took the cuffs off of me, Dana raised her arms holding the pictures for everyone to see, including our local ABC affiliate, WCVB channel 5 Boston.

I, in turn, pointed at Pelletier's image in her wheelchair and asked Adam Bookbinder, a Harvard Law grad and the chief of cybercrime for the Boston U.S. attorney’s office, if he could even look at her.  I also said, in a statement that I stand by given Bookbinder’s role as an accessory after the fact, that he tortured her.

Bookbinder, when confronted, momentarily turned to where I was pointing.  But when he saw the photos of Pelletier, one of which was taken in defiance of an unconstitutional order that violated the Pelletiers’ federally protected civil rights, he immediately turned around and stared straight down at his table.  The ashen look on his face, as if he had seen a ghost, was priceless enough for a Mastercard commercial.

side by side 2

When confronted by these pictures of Justina Pelletier, before (left) and after (right) becoming paralyzed at Boston Children’s Hospital, Obama-era federal prosecutors Adam Bookbinder and David D’Addio would not look at her or make eye contact with me.| Pelletier family photos

That said, I definitely fell far short of delivering the statement I had intended.  The U.S. Marshals were literally tugging me down by my shirt and removing my wife from the courtroom under the threat of force – for silently holding up two photos before the hearing was in session, with no judge in the room.  That is how much the Boston U.S. Marshals (dis)respect the First Amendment.

But here is the statement I had meant to deliver, and I still want to deliver it now, in full, in case Bookbinder or his associate Assistant United States Attorney David D’Addio sprouted some courage or integrity in the past ten days or so:

Mr. Bookbinder,

Look!  Look at Justina!  Can you even look at her?  Do you think President Trump will let you protect the fraudsters who billed Medicaid to kidnap her?  Can you sleep at night knowing that people who bought your soul tortured her for over a year and left her in that wheelchair?

Have you no decency, sir?  No shame?

You disgust me, Mr. Bookbinder.  You’re a corrupt heartless crook from an office full of corrupt heartless crooks.

Afterwards, Bookbinder did not speak. I cannot imagine why he did not.  Instead, he let his lackey D’Addio do all the talking.

In true Obama-Holder-Lynch D.O.J. fashion, D’Addio continued lying on the record and even took a shot at the media, accusing reporters and myself of making things up.  The reality is, though, that outlets from Rolling Stone to Infowars, from Michelle Malkin to HuffPost, Newsweek to The New American and more have all torpedoed Bookbinder’s narrative.  And, unlike reporters, Obama’s feds have lied in sworn court statements.

This is not to say that mistakes were not made by the media.  But nearly all of those have favored the prosecution.  For instance, in its otherwise fair coverage of this last hearing, our local WCVB Channel 5 ABC News initially ran their segment with a title that incorrectly stated the hearing was “disruptive,” when the reality was the drama happened before the court was in session.  Thereafter the hearing started right on time, went smoothly and ended with the judge granting my motion.  Channel 5 also said there was a specter of patient data being exposed or lost, but Rolling Stone correctly refuted that in its recent feature.

For a more complete accounting of the day’s events, please listen to this episode of the FreeMartyG podcast Infarcerated on Facebook, iTunes, or embedded from YouTube below.  (Please pardon my French).  In an upcoming article, I soon plan to catalogue all the lies of these Obama holdovers along with the publications that have exposed them.